Is your phone affecting your spine health?

We hold our world in our hands, literally! Our smart phones have become the go to device for everything we do.

 From checking social media, texts and emails to spending hours on apps and games, we have become addicted to our phones. New research suggest that the average american checks their phone every 10 minutes and we spend and average of 4 hours a day on our phones. While this presents a convenience for most of us it also comes with negative side effects such as headaches, neck pain, muscle tension, shoulder pain and even eye problems. Doctors are referring to this new phenomenon as TEXT NECK SYNDROME. 


Every time we are looking down at a computer or smart phone our posture gets affected. To understand this, we must first look at what good posture is. A person with good posture, when look from the side, will have the ears aligned with the shoulders, shoulders aligned with the hips, hips aligned with the knees, and knees aligned with the ankles. It seems easy enough right? You would be surprised the amount of people that come to my office with postural issues, especially in the neck area.

The problem with using our phone or looking at a computer constantly is that it makes us look down and get into a “slouch” position. This greatly affects our spine and can even cause nerves to be pinged! The human head weights on average 10-12 lbs when it sits in perfect alignment. For every inch our head translates forward, meaning the ears move forward away from the shoulders, the body has to do 10x more work to keep the head upright. When we look down at our phones we move our head 3-4 inches away from mid line. That’s 30-40x more work for our body! No wonder our necks hurt after long periods of time using these devices! If you add all the hours we spend on our phones looking down we can easily see how this can affect our spine health in the future.


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What are some signs and symptoms associated with text neck syndrome?

Neck Pain

Shoulder Tension

Mid back Pain/Tension


Pain shooting down the arm

Bad posture


How chiropractic can help?

If you are suffering from these symptoms it is important to get treated ASAP. Chiropractic is one of the leading professions when dealing with these kinds of symptoms. Chiropractic will help with aligning your spine and reducing muscle tension therefore helping you regain good posture and subsequently reducing all your pain symptoms. If you are constantly on your phone and can’t help it, your chiropractor will suggest a maintenance plan to keep you from getting those symptoms back.


What can you do?

Prevention is the key! Here are some tips on how to prevent TEXT NECK SYNDROME:

1- Use your phone, computer or tablet at eye level. This will prevent you from “slouching” forward and will help with your posture.

2- Take frequent breaks. If you are constantly on a device make sure you set an alarm that reminds you to get up every 30 minutes.

3- Stretch, stretch and more stretch! Email us at and ask for our special stretching protocol FREE of charge. 

4- Visit your chiropractor regularly! This will make sure that your spine stays well even after putting it through so much stress.


Do you suffer from text neck syndrome? MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!


Dr. Juan Caceres

Vitality Chiropractic

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