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Our bodies go through many stressors daily. Stress can be physical (ex. work, exercising, bad sleeping), emotional (ex. depression, family emergencies, work) and chemical (ex. sickness, bad diet, body lotions). As chiropractors we help the body battle these stresses and we strive to help your body work at it’s maximum.

Our health care system has always been reactive instead of proactive. We have always been taught that we go to the doctor when we have symptoms (pain, fever, nausea, etc.). At Vitality Chiropractic in Sarasota our chiropractic wellness care is about being proactive with your health. We don’t wait until our body has a symptom to get treated. Instead, we keep our body performing at maximum potential so  we don’t experience symptoms and we stay well.

How does it work?

Our spine protects the nervous system, which is the most important system in our body. When the spine misaligns, we can create interference in the way our body communicates, therefore creating pain, illness and disease. By keeping your body align through our chiropractic wellness program we make sure that your body communicates at 100% to prevent illness and disease and stay out of pain.



If you are part of our wellness care program you might feel side effects like:

Less pain

Reduced tension

Increased range of motion

Less stress

Increased energy

Increased concentration

Overall wellness


Let us help you stay out of pain and live your life at your full potential. Make an appointment today!

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