7 signs of stress

As we all know, stress is one of the major causes of illness in your body. We were not designed to be on a constant state of stress, but who are we kidding? Stress is everywhere! We live in a country that demands stress. Work, family, money, health, food, environment, relationships, these are all big factors in our lives that can cause our body to stress. From the minute we wake up we are stressing. Think about it! Once our eyes open after the alarm sounds we are already thinking, What time is it? Am I late for work? Are the kids OK? What am I making for breakfast? What is my day like? Did I pay my bills? And all the stress just gets worse as the day goes by and most of the time we go to sleep under stress.

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension and it is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. Your body is telling you that there needs to be a change, physically or emotionally. So the challenge becomes learning how to deal with it. How do I know that I’m stressed? How do I deal with it? The firs step is to recognize when your body is going through stress.

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Signs of stress

1– Headaches– When your body deals with changes of emotions it releases hormones responsible for the “fight of flight” response. These hormones create dilation and constriction of your blood vessels that can end up giving you migraines. At the same time muscles start getting tight, especially in the shoulders, and this transfers into your head muscles, giving you a tension type headache.

2- Sinus problems– If your body is nervous or under stress, your sinus and throat muscles can trigger muscle spasms. These spasms constrict the airways and sinuses giving you problems with breathing and mucus.

3- Fatigue- When your body is under stress, your muscles tend to be on a “fight and flight” state all the time. This causes muscle tension, which leads to poor blood flow to your muscles. With time, your muscles get weak due to a lack of nutrients. Restoring a healthy blood flow helps with fatigue symptoms.

4- Digestive difficulties- Stress causes the brain to release hormones like adrenaline, serotonin and cortisol that can have cause adverse reactions in the body. One of them is decrease in blood and oxygen flow to the stomach, which in turns leads to cramping and digestive problems.

5- Sleeping problems- Stress can cause hyper arousal, which can affect the balance between sleep and wakefulness. If your body does not get enough sleep it does not get the right nutrition and blood flow causing health issues.

6- Neck/Back pain– As tension builds up from stress, muscles tend to spasm and cause pain. In more severe cases the tension in the muscles creates misalignment in the spine that can cause nerve to get pinched resulting in pain.

7- Mood swings- lack of sleep can be a result of stress. When your body is not well rested it is more likely to experience mood swings. Your brain is not functioning at its optimum therefore you can find yourself easily irritable following periods of complete enjoyment.

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How can I deal with it?

There are many different ways in which stress can be managed. Most of the time it involves putting sometime into taking care of your self. Here are the most common ways to deal with stress.

1- Chiropractic– It is one of the top professions when it comes to dealing with stress naturally. By aligning your spine, we make sure your nervous system is working at its optimum to it can respond to stress quicker.

2- Massage- This is a great tool to help release muscular tension and increase good circulation through your which helps decrease stress.

3- Acupuncture- This ancient therapy can help by restoring good blood flow and unblocking blocked energy meridians that can be causing stress in your muscles, bones and organs.

3- Meditation– Taking a few minutes every day to stop, relax and meditate has been proven to take your mind off things that cause therefore increasing circulation and releasing tension.

4- Exercise– Being involved in physical activity can decrease stress by releasing hormones that help reduce tension, improve heart rate and increase oxygen in your brain and muscles.

At Vitality Chiropractic we help our patients deal with stress in Sarasota on a daily basis. Combining chiropractic adjustment, myofascial release techniques, therapy modalities and exercises we provide a unique approach to stress management.

If you or someone you know is experiencing signs of stress give us a call and make an appointment today! 941-777-3375

Yours in health,

Dr. Juan Caceres

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